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About Our Company

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Shanghai Fujuan group has more than 35 production lines and now we are continue expanding. The product thickness ranges from 0.4-3MM and the width ranges from 12-700MM. We accept customization to meet different market needs. The size tolearance within 0.03mm to meet international standards. The glue and pigments we use are all imported from Germany or Europe to ensure stable quality and no batch color differences. The market feedback is good and it is widely praised by users.

The production area covers more than 17000 squaremeters factory building, including office, we have around 20000 squaremeters area. We have introduce colors granulator, Calender,and slitting machine and 3 jumbo roll extruding lines to ensure the sufficient supply.The maxium of width we can produce can be 700mm.Our products including: PVC, ABS,PP,Metal edge banding, all types of Profiles and screw covers.Nowadays our production capacity up to 45 containers per month and export all around the world.We pursue all edge banding be jumbo rolls extruding production within 2 years.

We have many technicans who have more than 15 years experience in this field to ensure the exactly color matching.The inks/paints/lacquer are from Germany, and we have mature technology to control batch color difference and all kinds of quality points.

For slitting, we can produce 2 million meters per half day, under this process, the size can be accrute,not only the quality control,the supply capacity is guaranted to meet different kinds of customers requirements.

In this case, we can be win-win between our partner and us.

Our company can provide customized services,the market feedback is good and it is widely praised by users.we can be win-win between our partner and us.




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